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Bathroom Oasis

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Time to spruce up your bathroom?  

American Chateau has a great selection of bathroom accessories to make any vision a reality.  Choose from a variety of products that are both affordable and beautiful.  

Our line of bamboo bathroom accessories is a high quality, environmentally friendly option for all nature lovers!

Here are just some of the products we are proud to offer:

Asian Inspired Display Shelf

Black and Silver Floor Mat

3pc Bathroom Set

For a dramatic look, try our damask pattern accessories.  The black and white pattern fits nearly any bathroom style and will provide a great focal point for any design.

Fabric Shower Curtain

Ceramic 4pc Bathroom Set

Waterproof Shower Curtain

If you prefer a modern, clean look, we have a wide range of products to please the most discerning eye.  Our nylon construction bathroom accessories are a practical and portable solution.  Easy to wash, nylon can keep your space clean and fresh.  The lightweight material and sturdy metal frames make it easy to move and place where needed most.

Laundry Hamper or Storage Box 


Storage Boxes

Makeup & Brush Organizer

Tissue Box Cover

Feel like exploring more?  Check out our entire bathroom line here!